Our effective SCADA systems provide monitoring and powerful control capabilities to all your facilities. This will result in significant savings of time and resources in operations and overall district management.

In the water and wastewater industry, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) allows thousands of sensors to be monitored and controlled (via PLC) in real-time…pumps, motors, flow, pressure, temperature, speed, uptime, and make automatic adjustments to achieve optimum performance.

SCADA is a combination of software and hardware components that allow to plant operators and operations personnel to:

  • Remotely control processes at Sewage Treatment Plants, Lift Stations and Water Wells through an Application on your device.
  • Monitor and reset facility alarms, also observe Storage Tank Levels
  • Make Adjustments to facility equipment through your device. 
  • Collect, monitor and compute real-time data 24/7.
  • Interact directly with system devices and components through human-machine interfaces (HMI).

If not for process automation (SCADA), plant operators would have to physically monitor each plant and facility or wait for an alarm to call out. Operators will be able to respond to a water main break, water outages or collection system stoppages instantly. Your personnel will no longer have to wait to receive the low level GST alarm. They’ll be able to monitor the conditions and make adjustments to the facility 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.